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Inside cathedral


Stained glass in city hall


We have been to the train station here to visit Giverny.

Vernon was founded in the 7th century by the first Duke of Normandy, Rollo, a Viking. Vernon was important as a transit point between Paris and Rouen, and a river crossing place; it was well fortified and frequently besieged.

A bridge was not built until the 12th century, the remains which are on the right bank and could be seen as we crossed the bridge to visit the mill and Castle Tourelles.

The castle was a tower and small fortification built by Philippe Auguste in the early 13th century. It had been used as a mill and a tannery. The mill that remains, Le Vieux Moulin, is one of the 16th century water mills that remained operational until the 18th century.

Our self tour of Vernon included visiting the Town Hall built in 1895 from Poissy stone. The grand staircase with the stained glass window above leads to the registry office for marriages. We also visited the Our Lady Collegiate Church. It was built between 11th and early 17th centuries in late Romanesque style with variations.

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