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I took a nap the rest of the rainy day 5… then got up for dinner. There are three new couples who arrived today. One couple is from the UK and Germany (the girl is from Germany, he is from the UK). There is a couple from Italy who currently live in Aussie… and a couple from England who live in Hamilton, NZ. They are all rather nice and actually engage in conversation! We had a great dinner with homemade vegetable soup, bread, free range chicken, cooked veggies, potatoes, and fruit for dessert. The girls and I sat up and talked for a bed.. then decided we were tired.. so we headed to bed.

Day 6 marks the last day at the resort. WAHHHHH! We all had breakfast together.. the usual… cereal.. fresh muffins.. fresh fruit.. bacon.. grilled tomatoes. After breakfast I decided to treat myself to a massage! An hour massage for 30 Fijian dollars.. which equals out to $18 in America. PRETTY DAMN CHEAP. The massage was done right on the beach under a little thatched hut… with coconut oil that the village made themselves.. from the coconuts.. found in the trees.. on the island. It doesn’t get more authentic than that! The massage was wonderful.. and a full body one too! The Fijian lady massaged my arms, hands, legs, feet, back, shoulders, stomach, neck, and even my face!

After my massage I headed back to my dorm to pack up. SAD! By the time I was ready, it was lunchtime! Lunch consisted of beef stir fry, rice, and fruit. After lunch I wondered around on the beach a bit.. said my goodbyes to the dogs.. especially Dan. Did I talk about Dan? Well he is this ADORABLE little puppy (well.. 8 months old..) who just lazes around.. pounces on craps.. and follows me everywhere. I’ve grown quite attached.. but I had to leave him on the island. HMPH.

Joe gathered us all up (the girls were going to a different island today) and off we went! The boat wasn’t quite there yet, so Joe took us to a little remote island and let us walk around until he saw it. It was really beautiful.. and nice of him to do that!

The boat ride back was awful. I took motion sickness medicine.. but the ocean was SO incredibly choppy that I literally thought the boat was going to flip over. It would rock so far in one direction that when you would look out the window.. all you saw was straight ocean. MY GAWD! There were a LOT of people getting sick.. and when I went downstairs to the toilets to go pee.. there was puke sloshing around in the sink. GROSS! Needless to say I used my hand sanitizer (thanks Holly!) and didn’t use the sink! For me, the boat ride was about 6.5 hours long. It was only supposed to be 5.. but because the ocean was so choppy it made it longer. Thank god I slept about 3 of those hours. I was PTFO.

When I was safely on shore I got the bus transfer back to Smugglers. I was hungry, so I grabbed some beef curry for dinner, chocolate cake and cinnamon ice cream for dessert, and headed to bed! I should mention that I ran into Sam and Martin again! They were staying at Smugglers too, so they sat with me while I ate. There was also entertainment going on.. fire spinning.. and dancing.. and whatnot.. I saw a little of it.. but was more worried about eating. Then I showered and went to bed about 10 pm. I was so worn out!

I checked out of Smugglers this morning and got a taxi to the airport. It’s really interesting driving through Nadi.. cause you see just how many people live in poverty. I wouldn’t call what I drove through the slums.. but it kinda was. Especially compared to America! When I got to the airport I waited around for my plane to board. It was pushed back about a half an hour.. but eh.. whatever. I grabbed some food, browsed through stores, and lazed around until boarding time.

The plane ride wasn’t so bad, but I didn’t get my own section to myself this time. I sat by two Indian people. They served us a hot dog, pasta, fruit juice, and a cookie this time. No Bhuja!! BUT I got a big bag of Bhuja to bring home for all to try! I got a complimentary can of Coke and a hot coffee too! =) I could have got liquor.. but I passed. I like the Fijian hospitality.. free stuff!

My flight landed to Auckland fine.. and I made it through customs with no problems. Now I am waiting patiently in the Auckland airport for my flight to Aussie. I decided to just tough it out.. and wait about 8 hours instead of paying $50-$60 for a hotel. My flight leaves out early anyway.. so I need to be here at around 4 am.. and it saves me the hassle of lugging my bags around. I’ve been keeping busy though! I uploaded pictures.. edited pictures.. booked my hostel for when I am back in Auckland.. am writing this.. ate McD’s (which btw.. airport McD’s is NOT more expensive than it is regularly.. SURPRISE!)… and yeah. I thought about buying a book to read.. but I don’t know if I want to spend $20 on that… So I may just watch the movie on my computer to pass the time! I did buy 4 hours of internet.. that also buys me some time too…. So yeahh..

Well I should stop rambling and get off here… Aussie tomorrow! YIPPEE!!! =)

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