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I can’t believe it is already day 5! AH!

This morning I woke up.. headed to breakfast.. and then.. out to the caves!!

I must include.. today is really cloudy and rainy.. but the caves are… well they’re caves.. so you aren’t really outdoors!

The water taxi picked us up and took us around to where the caves are. They are about 20 minutes or so away! We took a small little fishing boat.. and off we went!

The caves are gorgeous!! You pull up to this huge, cliffy, green island and get out on the beach where we met a big Fijian guy who told us a little bit about the cave and what to expect. First you climb up these steps and down through a little tunnel that leads you into this big, bright opening filled with water. You dive into the water and swim around.. the caves are HUGE and the water is super clear! After swim around for a bit.. then it gets interesting. A guide tells you to follow him and you dive under the water and through a hole which leads you into another cave that is pitch black. So.. I literally dive under and come out of the water… swimming where I can’t touch.. in the pitch black.. just wondering around until I touch the cave wall.. it was a little terrifying. Once everyone is through.. the guide brings his torch light and tells you to follow him to where there are rocks that you can stand on. He then tells you a bit about the cave.

First.. the cave is known as the pregnant cave.. because it is like being in the womb. Second.. there are only two things that live in the cave.. eels and red snappers. He said that if you see an eel.. you are in fresh water. If you see a snapper.. you are in salt water. The cave is a mix of both. Three.. the water in the cave is extremely deep. It is around 25-30 meters.. SO that is about.. 75-90 feet deep. YEAH. Scary, right? The only way to get to the bottom is to scuba dive down there. INSANE that I swam unknowningly.. in the dark.. into THAT. After that you go back through the hole into the first cave you came into. It was neat to snorkel around there.. because the water is so clear that you can see the see shells and giant rocks below!

After about 45 minutes or so.. we got out and went back to the beach at which we arrived.. where some village people had small little stores set up. I bought a sarong (a wrap thing) that says “Bula Fiji” on it. It is pink with flowers too! I wore it as a cover up on the way back.. but I plan to hang it up on my wall when I get home!

The ride back was a little miserable because it started raining. SO.. here we are in this little tin boat.. going through big 6 foot waves.. in the pouring rain. Fun, right? Nah.. it wasn’t so bad.. but it wasn’t sunny, that’s for sure!

I took a shower to clean my hair once I returned.. and now I am writing this! Shane leaves today.. and so do the two girls from Cali. I got both of their emails though so I can keep in touch with them as well!

Ahhh! I love traveling alone! You meet so many wonderful people! =)

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