world trip 2012 travel blog

leaving Reykjavik airport herading to Akureyri


Gooafoss waterfalls







lava fields













nice snow bank




bubbling mud pools





sulfur smell




dairy cows in the barn for the long winter months


good beer

lunch bowl of beef stew













a couple more Iceland beers


can see a little blue sky

fresh snow


some sun


Myvatn Nature Baths








a nice dark beer while at the baths

beer for dinner

smoked trout and salmon

pork cutlets

chocolate mousse

Landed in Akureyri airport, Sunrise is at 09:15am but since it is cloudy didn't see it, I was met at the airport by my driver and guide for the trip to Lake Myvatn and my next hotel for the next 2 nights. A nice drive through the country lots of snow and quite cold -9 degrees C about 22.5 F, A stop at the Gooafoss water falls, then on to the lava fields at Dimmuborgir and the on to the bubbling mud pools at Hveraleira, a stop at a local farm and restaurant for a nice bowl of hot stew and a great beer and a bread baked in the steam from the hot geyser. Making a complete circle around the Myvatn Lake, then to the Sel Hotel got checked in then out for a walk around the area brrr its cold, back to hotel for nice cup of hot tea, back to room for a bit of down time before heading to dinner at the hotel, dinner started off with a nice bowl of tomato soup, trout with almonds, baked potato, salad and a very grand desert of chocolate pudding cake and ice cream with fresh berries, a cup of hot tea, a beer back to my room hoping for a call for the northern light show did not happen as it started to snow which lasted until morning. On the 7th of Nov a very lazy day as it snowed more last night and it is cold so a late breakfast at the hotel and worked on travel blog and some other computer stuff in my room then off to the Myvatn Nature Baths for a soak in the hot minerals waters very good, a nice relaxing afternoon then back to the hotel for a bit of time before heading down to dinner. Another great dinner starting off with smoked trout and salmon, pork cutlets with boiled small potatoes, and mixed steamed vegetables, chocolate mousse for desert all washed with a northern Iceland beer. Back to room some work on computer and bed. At 00:24am the phone rings in my room the sky has cleared and there is the northern lights so was able to get to see them but didn't get any pictures :-( but still have 3 nights here in Iceland so maybe will get lucky for some pictures.

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