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Rio dulce

Another day, another shifty entry through a Guatemalan border. The 10am boat from Punta Gorda to livingstone was like crossing the Atlantic in a hollowed out water melon. With some heavy heavy tropical rain and rough seas the crew ( some men that happened to be in control of a boat) had us flattened to the seats covered in tarpaulin. So again , chances are we entered Guatemala illegally as part of a human trafficking scam.

Livingstone was cool, crumbly and courful but we only stopped for lunch then the James bond style boat trip down the jungle lined waterways to rio dulce. 

A town built mostly of cabins on stilts along the river with floating fish markets and canoes the most popular form of transport. Shoes are illegal (probably)

And there we participated in the true test of any marriage..... A 2 man kayak... 

The power struggle was immediate. Whoever sits in the back is the rudder and controls direction. Andy snidely let me in first so he was at the back but as we pulled out the dock the boat turned round completely so I jumped the opposite way and bobs your uncle at the back. After 20 minutes of my critiquing his paddling technique and andy questioning whether I knew me left from my right we found a rhythm ( me sat at the back not paddling) soon we realised that every 5 minutes was spent facing the wake of various jet skis and motor launches and after Andrew got river rage with  all the 

jet ski owners ( so unlike him)  we headed back for the dock.

One night only in another jungle paradise. I say paradise. Clearly mean picturesque setting under constant invasion from midges / mites and god knows what. Andy thinks my due diligence in coating each hotel room and entry point with 100 percent deet a little excessive  . He'll thank me when he doesn't get malaria. Except he probably suffocated from deet inhalation. So he can't. 

 Next stop Antigua - back end ofanother 6 hr bus journey. Obvs. 

P.s left my shirt at the hotel. Andy was so pleased we went back for it......

A&b xx

Big Dog Breakdown

Rio dulce: 3 different prices for the same water taxi ride......you gotta watch these injuns...

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