Lindsays not wanting to work 2012 travel blog

ships wake

ships wake as far as you can see

was at breakfast come out and their was a big truck

my bother in law likes big trucks so do i



rear of trailer

850 tons up in air

another old bridge

before nuclear power

cranes from china

now there is2 of them

just more trucks

Philly city sky line shity weather

sky line notce all of the church steepies




I have become a new age man Nivea creme for under the eyes Johnson's extra care for feet and legs Burt's bees hand salve for my heels I will now take a break while you all stop laughing and pick your self up of the floor. Well ian back on leaving Houston where there was a strong cold wind but bright sun shine Hesse burnt feet, for next 3 days we had warm weather so the swinging pool was filled again which was great when we got into the Atlantic the seas where very rough and 70-80 knot wind coming from the north but the sea water was still 24c and the pool was on the rear of the ship went on swinging. In New Zealand we keep on being told that the rest of the world will not buy our exports if we don't become green,this is nothing but a joke,the U.S.A is at lest 200 years behind us their water ways are just a dumping zone and their rubbish in the streets is socking and their factories are still pouring out pollution they still don't have proper food labels and no used by dates, the green party in NZ needs to get out and see for them self and not just read what self sering people print. On entering Delaware bay at 1an for the 8 hour trip up to Philly. the first thing you see is a Nuclear power station pouring out water vapore and next to it a old coal power station with so mush pollution you could not see nothing for about 5 miles the first impressions is that Philly. is a city of bridges and church steeples by the 100's most of the city is very old with a lot of entry old industrial sites. The dock here belongs to Rickmers shipping line and is their main of loading dock for New York as they own it i was able to come and go as we please but the weather wasn't the best so i only walked to the local mall as we we were mended to be leaving late last night they had a accident in one of hulls while unloading and the police investigator has said that we can leave tonight after we finish loading at about 8pm. but it is now to late to go a shour and do any think as you have to be back on board 2 hrs before leaving. The next port is Shearsport just before Canada it is only a town of 2600 people so are looking forward to it the captain says we will going into A very bad Storm.

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