Lindsays not wanting to work 2012 travel blog

what can i say

my highlite at masa













big buggar from the other end what more can i say

russian first mate from boat


still can't get over these they last 6 mins, of use

rear end of space s....can't spell it

the next few photos need to be fixed on your photo prograne


shuttel toilet inportant













Houston sky line

fill of fuse line for the open cast mining

i don't know what it is

drill truct for Indonessure good spelling hey

lady dock worker

same lady dock worker

and again

3hrs latter 12 men working on it it's up in the air


they load it on took it of again wrong boat

loading how own spale ship

more parts of above

rear door of car carrier

port polution or ports in america

2nd hand trucks for west affrica


my fans come out to wave me good by....haha

new trucks going to middle east

one of 154

not one of 154 grain silo


Lone star state monument

yes another bloody bridge

i like this one

working oil well in Galveston bay


private homes on bay






brids what brids

Galveston bridge the middle lifts up









my sun burned feet very sore

we seen to be in the habit of arriving at the start of the ships canals to the inland ports late at night we arrived at Galveston which is on a barrier island fronting Galveston bay from there it is 20 miles across the bay them another 40 miles up the twisting ships canal to our dock. When every we enter a new port i always get up and sit outside in the dark and watch every thing what did i see all 154 oil refineries around Houston, I know get a life Lindsay,yes Lenka it is better than watching chickens. The next day i went of by taxi to post of 2 parcels,what a prefounach at the bank i was treated as if i was a dealer people here just don't change money and then off to the first post office after a hour of filling in forms i couldn't post then as i don't have a American postal address i storm out back to the taxi and he said i could use his address so we drove to another post office and did all again so those two jobs cost me $100 taxi fare puss $38us in postage. AS you can see i went to the Houston space center with 2 Russian crew members they loved the place for me the high lite was the long horn cattle but i was pleased i went i do have video of it. When the boat is in port all work loading and unloading is done by port side workers eithen the ships cranes Houston had 2 first they operated all 4 cranes at once and they had Female workers working as dockers. I don't know what the labor laws are but on our last day in port they worked 22 hours' In Houston the next Rickmers boat dock along side us we are now 3 wks late and refueling brage when to then as soon as they docked and they got our diesel and we had to wait another 24 hrs making us later it was head offices fault they gave the wrong ships mane.

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