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Before Labor Day

Full House!

Just Havin' Fun

View from our front door

New Addition

Sonny and Sharie

The Homewrecker!


Roll Tide!


Overnight at Fleetwood

Phew! The summer just seemed to fly by! The campground was really busy so we picked up extra hours. We also commenced our rounds with our new doctors. After all was said and done and the dust settled, we have both been given thumbs up! Yep, gonna live another

We were sold out for Labor Day and the park was really jumping. It was interesting to watch as the park filled up and people got all their "stuff" set up. There were kids and campfires everywhere and everyone was having a good time. It always warms our hearts to see families play together and there were several large family groups of 4 and 5 rigs.

And then by Sunday afternoon everyone had packed up and left and peace reigned over the park again. It was like "Poof" and they were While we enjoy seeing everyone having a good time, it's always nice when they all go home and we can relax for a few more days.

We made another lunch run out to Hillbilly Hot Dogs - just HAD to check out the new addition to the outside "daycor". Love the van with Sonny and Sharie's picture painted on it! While we were there, a couple of road construction fellas stopped in for lunch. One of the ordered The Homewrecker. It's a 15-inch all beef weenie on a bun along with sauteed peppers 'n onions, nacho cheese, jalapenos, habanero sauce, chili sauce, mustard, coleslaw, lettuce, tomatoes and shredded cheese. Phew! If you can eat the whole thing in less than 12 minutes, you get a free Homewrecker T-shirt. If you beat the record, you get your Homewrecker free. Not sure what the record is, but this dude ate his in just over 9 minutes. No smashing food into his mouth either. He just cut it in fourths and got started. He didn't mind that everyone was taking photos, either!

During mid-August, we headed back up to the Fleetwood dealer so they could replace our door awning. That's where we spent the night!

Our work agreement was up in mid-September, so we took a 2-week vacation. We had hoped to go to Quantico for a few days to catch up with our friends there, but the RV park at the base there is closed indefinitely. Apparently, they found quite a bit of old unexploded ordnance out around that part of the base! So since there really isn't a good park in that area, we opted to spend our vacation in.......Virginia Beach! But that's another post.

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