Lindsays not wanting to work 2012 travel blog

Night trip to old French quater

old shop front


Frist Mate of the ship

Nam in white with toy mecanical dog


just a bad photo

lady in pinp feather bow

Voodo Store face masks

same as above

the bloody sign got in the way

the dog was in 3 colours &turned around great art

2nd floor display


says it all

Looking from boat to city sky line

Twin bridges

old wooden dock

only 5 hrs late they forgot to order it


coke boilers going Ohkahomer 1200 miles up the river


lowering on to brage

steeple seen from boat

roof tops from boat

1500 ton whinch

6 men to hold latter while woman whent up it


on the way out sports dome

bloody bridges again

old coal gas works


we had to wait to low tride to go under bridge

old paddle boap

down town



river front

i like it

old brick building waiting for earth qurake

old canel bridge lifts up


just looking over the city

lock for lowering boats down from the river to canal

old seamans home



read sign


to remind the people of ChCh what they use to have



river lock and pumpig station from the low lands

i took this

the boat is above the houses on the miiisip......

another boat coming around the bend in the river

cattle wih the swamp just behind

3 hrs down the river city still behind many beans in rtver


car frery and low lying town

sunsetting over weat boats waiting out the winter

Once again we arrive at Mississippi river delt very late about 9 pm and it takes 8 hours to travel the 35 miles up to the docks just passed the main city i stayed watching the seray in the dark you would be surprised what you see. New Orleans is like Christchurch every one says why the hell did they build a city here you have the Mississippi river on one side a lake to the north and swamp around the other sides,even on the other side of the river it is drained swamp below the level of the river and they can't build up as their is no bedrock I like a silly old fool pushed the cancel button instead of save so here goes again. In Louisiana the ports are privately owned and on our dock they will not allow you to walk off they want $50us to take you to the gate per person and then the same to bring you back.But at 4pm the International Seafarer's ministry will pick you up for free and take you to the local mall and to there center,from their center you can get taxis to town but you have to be back at the center by 10pm to get back to the boat. One night we went out to the French Quarter interesting my photos don't do it justice,had a very nice meal there Alligator tail done as small chips coated in corn crumbs and deep fried.the desert was bread punning and was the best dessert i have every had. The dock worker in New Orleans where good old boys straight out of the Louisiana swamps none of then would pass the D&A test in Christchurch to become bus drivers

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