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On the way back to our tents after dinner we saw a giraffe on the grounds. This morning on the way to leave we saw it again. Headed out early to explore the Silale Swamp area. Before we even got to the park we saw a Waterbuck, a Marabou Stork, Spotted Hyena and Zebra.

There were more Zebra herds than we have seen in any one place. The literature says you can see 100-400 Elephants in a day. We have seen at least that many. Gary actually counted 56 in one spot. There must have been 200 lined up in the distance drinking.

We saw the young baby zebra nursing again. We came upon a baby elephant(sick) on one side of the road and the mother on the other side trying to get it to cross. We she saw us coming she started charging the vehicle. Wilfred quickly pulled off the road and we watched them. The baby looked malnourished and could hardly move. It did eventually cross the road and started to head back to the herd, we hope they made it and hope the baby gets well.

Many gigantic Baobab trees, with beautiful flowers that blossom at night.

We saw a baby Hartebeest, three lions sleeping under a tree.

We came across several vultures eating a dead elephant, they had already gotten the spine exposed! We also saw several ostriches crossing the dry riverbed in this area.

On the way back to camp we saw a baby elephant lying in the road with the mother guarding it. We thought it maybe the sick one we saw earlier and thought it might not be alive. But we saw it move. Wilfred said it was just sleeping. We went off the road so as not to cause problems and the baby did get up and move. It was fine and healthy.

Back to camp for lunch and a restful afternoon. There were baboons running around the campsite.

After dinner we received the goodbye cake and dance.

Tomorrow is our final day. It has gone quickly!

New Sighting: Marabou Stork (62/86 animals sited)

Repeat Sightings: Spotted Hyena, Zebra, Steinabok, Impala, Monkey, Ostrich, Elephant, Warthog, Buffalo, Wildebeest, Vultures, Waterbuck, Giraffe

Birds: Bare faced Go Away Bird, Crested Francolin, White headed Buffalo Weaver, White bellied Bustard, Pearl Spotted Owlet.

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