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Back to camping today. Lovely breakfast we ordered off a menu. Headed out to Manyara Lake.

On our trip down the hill to the main road we passed through native village. There were cattle barns and then we saw pigs, there were 4 cute little piggies. All the bacon that is being served at breakfast and these are the first pigs we've seen.

We are actually back on a paved road again. Passing through many Maasi villages.

Lake Manyara Park was a bit disappointing. It was very dry and there were no animals. Very close to the gate are were Vervet Monkeys, Blue Monkeys and Baboons. We spent some time on the way in and the way out being entertained by them. There were several little baby monkeys hanging on under the mother monkeys.

There is suppose to be a high concentration of elephants in the area - 7 per square kilometer. We saw only a few, probably because they were back in the trees staying cool.

We did learn about some of the different trees in this forest area. Many mahogany trees grow here. There is a Wild Mango tree, the bark is ground into powder, fermented and made into beer. Many Sausage trees. We have seen these before, but to be underneath and see the large pods, that really do look like a sausage, hanging. They can weigh up to 5 pounds. There were Sandpaper trees and Strangler and Sycamore Figs. The Kepok tree in which the fiber is used to make mattresses and life vests.

We did see a Klipspringer standing in a tree.

After our picnic lunch which included a pickle and cheese sandwich (which no one ate) and a Cadbury chocolate bar with hazelnuts (which I managed to get 3), among other things we headed off to Tarangeri Park.

We saw lots of animals here as we were driving through to the other side to get to our camp. There were lots of zebra and elephants. We saw a baby zebra about a week old nursing.

There were lions with dark ears. This is so when in the grass they can be followed by the rest of the pride.

We arrived at our camp in time to see the most beautiful sunset from our tent on stilts. The sky stayed red for a long time.

New Sightings: Blue Monkey, Long Crested Eagle, Brushbuck(rare), Steinbok

Repeat Sightings: Elephant, Klipspringer, Flamingo,Hippo, Thompson & GranGazellealle, Giraffe, Wildebeest, Warthog, Banded Mongoose, Vervet Monkey, Impala, Guinea Fowl, Dik Dik, Ostrich, Reedbuck, Hamerkop, Leopard, Blackback Jackal, Cheetah, Lilac Breasted Roller, Buffalo, Dwarf Mongoose, Redbilled Hornbill, Spurfowl

The comment today was we haven't seen many new things and have so many pictures of the other animals, that now the photographers in the group are picky about what kinds of photos they want!

61/86 animals from list have been seen.

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