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Up early to try to be the first in the Crater, a car passed us so I guess we were second!

There was much activity in the Crater. Young gazelle were running around leaping in the air (guess that is why they are antelope!).

Saw a pack of hyena (14 + 3 pups). This is the most we have seen at one time. Mom hid the babies in their den.

Watched 2 Black Rhino (male and female) crossing the crater, possibly heading off to mate. They passed in front of us. We had our picnic breakfast in the vehicle while watching them.

Saw ostrich running.

Came across 8 lions lying around, some of them started crossing the road near our vehicle. Later we heard there had been a buffalo killed by 3 lions. We arrived at the site, where a male and 2 lionesses were eating away. They were later joined by another.

Stopped at hippo pool and while we were out of the vehicle a beautiful, yellow weaver bird flew in. There was a Black Kite sitting on a hippo in the water.

You can often see all of the Big 5 in one day here. We did see 4 of the 5... Only the Buffalo was missing.

We returned to camp for lunch and than headed to our next stop. The Manor Lodge. We spotted a troop of baboons as we were leaving.

We actually were on a paved road for awhile and drove through some villages. The Manor was our backup stay as we were wait listed for the camp. Great place. This was luxury, not a place to safari from. It was up a hill quite a distance from any game sites. It was beautiful white cottages, with large suites. Sitting area with a two way fireplace to the bedroom (which was too hot to use), a huge bathroom with not only a shower but a claw foot bathtub and lots of hot water. And wifi! There was also a swimming pool. Dinner was from a menu. Dessert was birthday cake. The staff all came out and sang the African welcome song and Happy Birthday to Ali! After dinner we went down to the Billiard Room, Wine Cellar and TV room (huge projection TV). Peter and Verne played Billiards, Aussie rules.

Total 56/86

13 Lion sightings

New Sightings: Golden Jackal, Black Kite, Weaver Bird

Repeat Sightings: Thompson & Grant's Gazelle, Impala, Wildebeest, Lion, Ostrich, Zebra, Guinea Fowl, Blackback Jackal, Secretary Bird, Kori Bustard, Eland, Hippo, Hyena, Elephant, Hartebeest, Sacred Ibis, Waterbuck

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