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Today despite the weather we headed to Glastonbury and then Wells. Glastonbury lies in the so-called Isle of Avalon which is supposedly rich with mystical associations linked to early Christians. Dominating the landscape above the town is 521ft Glastonbury Tor.

We climbed the steep conical hill which pilgrims once embarked on with hard peas in their shoes. On the top of hill is St Michaels Tower the remains of a 14th century church. The climb was worth it as there were great views of the surrounding countryside.

Our second stop was the small city of Wells. This was a surprising little city (a city because it had a cathedral). Before visiting the cathedral we visited the Bishop’s Palace. This is the residence of the Bishop of Bath and Wells. We were able to wander the grounds and walk part of the walls. The palace was walled and moated as a result of a rift with the borough in the 14th century. A beautiful and tranquil place.

We then visited cathedral. From the outside it looked majestic with its hundred 13th century figures of saints and kings. Inside due to the choir rehearsing we could only get a brief view of the interior.

Our final stop was the Vicar’s Close which is linked to the cathedral by the Chain Gate and fronted by small gardens. The cottages were built in the 14th century and although altered over time been occupied by members of the cathedral clergy ever since.

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