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is a day or relaxation. Terrible winds last night. Tent flaps blew all night long, sounded like someone was living in the attic.

Bush walk with Gilbert, a Maasi but not a warrior. He chose to go to school in Kenya and learn English instead. Our leader was a Maasi Warrior who had killed a lion. He carried the spear that is used. Our security Guard was also Maasi.

We saw Impala and learned about some of the uses for the plants and trees. The leaves of he morning glory are used as toilet paper, leaves of the sandpaper tree are used for yes, sanding wood. Several of the Acacia tree roots are used for making soap. Toothbrushes are made from sticks of the Gwarie tree. Flowers from another bush are used as deodorant. The highlight of the walk was the making of fire...they broke up zebra dung into a powder, used friction rubbing stick between hands on their knife, putting the ember in the dung and adding wood!

Dinner was Boma dinner around the campfire. We had been the only occupants of the camp until the arrival of 3 guest from New Zealand, who had been at the previous camp with us.

After dinner we went on a night game drive. Our Maasi leader from this morning rode in a special chair on the hood of the truck with a spot light. It was great to see some of the animals at night and to get some new sitings. Our favorite was the Bush baby, a primate that weighs about1pound, has huge eyes and leaps from tree to tree on the ground and in the branches.

45/86 animals on list sited, 10 not on list

New Sitings: Bat Eared Fox, Striped Hyena, Duka, Rabbit, Bush baby, White Tailed Mongoose

Not on list- Red Billed Hornbill

Repeat Sitings: Black Backed Jackal, Eland, Impala, Thompson Gazelle, Dik Dik, Zebra, Giraffe

Animal Trivia: LION- Males will kill cubs they did not father, this will make the female stop nursing and be able to mate again. Males have a low fertility.

CHEETAH- Can have up to 6 cubs, but average is 4. Only 1 of 20 survive. Cubs will follow the mother during a hunt, but stay back up to 500 feet during a kill. The mother will not kill a small gazelle, but bring it back to the cubs to learn to kill.

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