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Today we slept in and had breakfast at camp. We were off at 8:30 to head to our new camp, a 4 hour drive if we go straight through without stopping. That's not happening with our group. We need time to look at the animals and take many photos. As, I watched sunrise from my be a giraffe meandered by in the distance.

Within 30 minutes of camp we came across 4 lionesses. Wilfred said 1 could take down a zebra and all 4 could take down a water buffalo.

We continued on where we caught a rare sight 2 Black Rhino, a mother and juvenile male. We watched them for awhile when Verne realized he left his camera battery and charger at the camp. We headed back and retrieved it and started off again.

We came across a zebra that got too close to a Plover's nest and she quickly went over to sit on it. We were able to get close enough to see there was one egg.

We also came across the skeletal remains of an elephant. Wilfred said it died of old age.

We crossed the Bologonja River and came upon a Cheetah and her 3 cubs lying under a tree. She did approach very near our vehicle to mark her territory.

After our picnic lunch we came upon the cheetahs again. Probably on the move for a kill.

Spent the rest of the drive seeing many of the animals we have been seeing daily. We drove very close to the Kenya border and actually were in Kenya for a brief photo moment.

We we welcomed at Buffalo Springs Luxury Camp. Again we are the only ones here. This is a permanent camp. We are in a "suite". We have a sitting area, a sleeping area and a tiled bathroom with a shower and a separate soaking tub. A delicious meal was prepared for us!

8 new animal SITINGS and 1 bird not on our list 45/86 and 8 others.


Spotted Hyena


Banded Mongoose

Dwarf Mongoose



Cape Buffalo

Black Rhino

Lappet Faced Vulture

Long Crested Egret

Brown Snake Eagle

Repeat Sitings: Lioness, Baboon,Vervet Monkey, Eland, Wildebeest, Topi, Thompson

Gazelle, Impala, Elephant, Warthog, Hippo, Giraffe, Ostrich

We have seen 41/86 animals from our list and 6 not on the list

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