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After 4 days at sea with swinning in the pool every day in beautiful Caribbean weather but still eating pig swill and no other goodies to eat at7pm we arrived of South Padre island/Laguna beach and then proceeded up the ships canal to Brownsville where at 1an American Home suteried had the whole crew and the passenger the once over and the out come was that they had never had passenger on a cargo boat in Brownsville before and they didn't know what to do with me. The next morning i was pick up and taking to the Mexican border i then walked into no mans land and then come in and got a entry stamp sounds simple but this took 3 hours. Brownsville is a city of about 170,000 but just across the boarder in Mexico is Matamoros city of 1,700,000 people the port of Brownsville is a free trade zone for Mexico all of goods was for Mexico.the other main industry was ship scrapping yards as you will see in the photos they where breaking up pre w.w.1 war ships. This area is as flat as a pancake and has no redeeming freach inland the port is 24 miles from the coast,the highlight for me was going to the Wal-mark which surprising good very good quality goods and their supermarket was very good most food apart from meat was cheaper then NZ bacon and ham was very expensive chocolates less then half of the NZ prise. Apart from 4 houses on the south side of the shipping canal South Padre Island is the most Southey part of the USA,please note that their is in the most prime real estate there is a large motor camp New Zealand could take leasons from this.

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