Spring 2010 Road Trip travel blog

We took so many pictures yesterday and so many of them are so good that picking one to post here was difficult. I chose this one because from a sign at this spot I can tell you that the far side of the canyon you can see on the left of this picture (the north rim) is 8.25 miles away. Perhaps that gives you some idea of the vastness of this place. To see a slideshow of all the pictures we took look at this link:


This takes a minute or two to buffer on your computer depending on the speed of your connection and the pictures are a little grainy but you'll get the idea.

This is my third trip here in my adult life and it is still difficult to come up with words to describe the Grand Canyon. I am going to try and make a short slide show of more of the pictures and Arlyene is working on some video so hopefully we will have more to share. In the mean time just wanted to make a quick post to say all is well and we had a near perfect day for our visit to the canyon yesterday. Today is a "down day" since we really have not had one since we left Seattle. We will do some catch up on the computers, I have some work, work to do and we may work in a walk to downtown Williams, which I think has changed little since the pre Interstate 40 days when Route 66 was the main highway. It still goes through the middle of town and it still looks like 1950 except for a new Safeway.

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