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We'd been watching weather forecast in West Virginia and it looked like it was going to stay nice today but turn into rain Thursday morning. Not wanting to get back home and unpack the RV in the rain we made the decision to race home without delay.

We left Nashville on an overcast and humid morning. That's something that's hard to get used to: humidity. We've been dry for so long in the Southwest we took things for granted, like fast drying towels and pretty clear sinuses. Everything just seemed sort of sticky here but then we trade off that dry air for green everywhere.

The trip up north on I-65 was pretty uneventful, free of traffic and congestion once we left Nashville. Turning onto the Bluegrass Parkway we were suddenly blessed with a brilliant display of fall colors. This was pretty much the case until we were within maybe fifty miles of home. It then settled into a mix of brown and green. Not sure if we're too early or too late for colors here.

The "Welcome to West Virginia" sign on the freeway was just that, a welcome home again. Not that I ever regret leaving but it just seemed time to come home. After leaving Texas it felt like we'd seen the places we wanted and now it was time to return to our roots. We were greeted at home by our son and daughter-in-law. It was really good to see them in person rather than the Skype software we'd been using during our travels. It is home, sweet home.

We kept a pretty good log of expenses and mileage of our travels. We drove the Winnebago 5,630 miles and added another 2,500 miles on the Vue. We bought gas ranging in price from $3.26 per gallon to a whopping $4.49 just outside the Grand Canyon. Surprisingly, fuel was not the major expense. That honor fell to campground fees, ranging from a high of $70 a night in Albuquerque to absolutely free in Shawnee, OK. The average was around $36 a night. Food expenses averaged less than $25 per day, a low figure due to cooking most of our meals in the RV. All in all, over ten weeks on the road cost us less than a two week cruise.

We've collected nearly 7,000 photos, almost ten hours of video, and who knows how many brochures, booklets, and notes on all the fabulous place we visited. It's been an extraordinary adventure, one we won't forget. I sincerely hope you've enjoyed our trip as well through this media. Maybe you found something on these pages you'd like to see as well. Find the time, it's a beautiful country. If you'd like to see more just stop by anytime. We're happy to share our memories.

Next trip? Probably Florida after the Christmas holidays. After that, who knows? I'm leaning toward Alaska for the summer. Or maybe the Maritime Provinces of Canada. Wherever we go, though, we'll take you with us.

So, in the famous words of the late Mel Blanc when lending his miraculous voice to Porky:

Th-th-th-th-that's all folks!

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