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Greg waits to go a punting.

Cathy and Greg on the Avon

Our punter

The Avon

the swan baby

Christchurch college dining room

Bye, Dorsett House

Oct.17, 2012 G and I had the most wonderful time today. WE WENT PUNTING ON THE AVON!!!

It was a perfect morning—warm but not hot with a cool breeze and the sun shining. We went slowly down the Avon; G with his arm around me; I nestled in.

We left from an old historic boat shed with the punter dressed in his braces with a straw hat on his head. We went under several bridges and by the black swan nest. Guess what??? The baby swans hatched last night!

WE got to see them—they are grey and look so soft. What can I say but life is good to us! Can I hear an “Amen” to that!

This afternoon we went on a walking tour of Christchurch led by an older lady, Mary, who loved the city. We have done similar tours in Europe and have never been disappointed. We were not disillusioned today. She filled in the gaps on the missing moa. It was actually extinct by the time the English came. She was able to take us into Christchurch College which is a very, very elite high school. We were able to see their historical dining hall.

That is really funny to us since historical here dates from the later 1800’s. Kiwis as a nation are younger than those from the states. How weird! Some of the oldest structures are schools followed by churches. Many of the Anglican churches were made of lumber because they did not have the money for brick. It was actually lucky for them; their churches survived the earthquake. While on our tour we were able to see a small business being destroyed by a crane which would rhymatically bound the inside of a brick wall. It gradually came down. Only 699 left to destroy! I asked our guide who paid for the demolition. She said that hopefully the business’ insurance would pay for it. If not, there was a government earthquake agency which had been collecting tax money over the years. It has paid claims but is now bankrupt. Anyway, her tour was wonderful and personal.

Tomorrow we leave for Picton—Goodbye, Dorsett House!

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