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Beautiful trees around the campground

Welcome to Hammondsport

Glenn Curtis Museum

June Bug replica

Inside the museumn

Aerocar developed by Glenn Curtis--looks almost like an Airstream

The first 5th wheel developed by Glenn Curtis

Curtis;s compny made the P-40, the Flying Tiger

Curtis was a land developer in Florida too

America--prototype seaplane.

This June Bug actually has flown

Ist naval aircraft--this replica has flown off Lake Keuka nearby

Another early aircraft

From the parking lot of the Espernaza Rose

We decided we wanted to be up on deck for lunch--although it...

Leaving the harbor

Pretty lakeside homes on Lake Keuka

Susan and Sheila enjoy the sun.

The crowd relaxing.

Hanging out on the top deck

Modern float plane on Lake Keuka

Fall colors along the lake

Hanging out on the deck

Dave and Evie on the boat

Ray is "resting his eyes."

Look at those colors

One of the original U.S. wineries

Hammondsport was kinda cool.

Wine tasting room and banquet hall in the old winery

Our guide tells us abotu the wine

Interesting chandelier with grape theme

Susan wants a door like this

Outside the old winery building

Visitors center

Mr. Bill is beat--a long day

October 9, 2012-Well I found out today why we were in Bath. We had a really full day. We did a ride-share to the Glenn Curtis Museum in Hammondsport. Glenn Curtis was one of the engineering geniuses of early heavier than air flight. He started out with motorcycles, then designed engines fro airplanes. He worked with Alexander Graham Bell in some of the earliest designs for aircraft. In fact, the aircraft Curtis worked on was the first to make a public flight (the Wright Brothers had flown in secret before). Curtis also designed one of the first seaplanes. He even flew one off of Lake Keuka, which Hammondsport sits on. The museum was filled with Curtis creations. He had other types of genius too. He created the first RV—an Aerocar. Looked like a small Airstream trailer. And he invented the 5th wheel attachment for trailers similar to what we use today. He was also a land developer in Florida. He died after being operated on for appendicitis when he was only 52. I know he had a lot more to offer the world if he had lived.

Then we drove several miles along the shores of Lake Keuka to the landing where we boarded the Esperanaza Rose, a motor yacht that sails Lake Keuka. Here we had lunch as we puttered around the lake. The sun was out, and although it was a little chilly, several of us decided to eat up on deck in the sun. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

But we weren’t finished. ‘After our leisurely and decadent lunch we piled back into our cars and drove to the Pleasant Valley Winery, which boasts that it was the first winery to be bonded after Prohibition was lifted. We had a thorough tour of a winery that was one of the first in the nation. It was the original home of the Taylor’s brand of wine. The winery subsequently sold the rights to the name, but it still operates with a new owner under other labels. Unfortunately I didn’t enjoy the wine that much, but the tour was interesting.

This was another evening when we all went to our coach for some food when we got back, then convened at Ray and Lorre’s where they had a good campfire going. Ken and Carole brought out their doughboy sticks, Dave and Evie brought their stick cookers, and I even got my newly acquired stick cooker out. We made pizza and popovers and smores. Then we walke d a little way off from the campfire where we could look up at the stars during one of our rare clear nights. Ken gave us an impromptu lecture on the stars that taught me several things even though I have studied them some before. While we were looking up, we saw a spectacular meteor just above the horizon. And it was clear enough to spot some satellites passing high overhead. A great night.

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