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We were greeted by the Vervet Monkeys playing in the trees at the entrance to Zambezi National Park. We were then off for a bumping ride down a long dirt road to the upper Zambezi River. There were many photo ops on the journey...Giraffes, Bush Buck, Kudu, Impala and our friends the Baboons!

There were interesting nests in the trees. They belong to the Weaver Bird. The hole in the nest always faces west and all of the nests are on the west side of the tree. The male builds three nests of which only one is used, the others are for camouflage.

The canoe trip was downstream but at times into the wind. Travel distance approximately 6km. Our goal was to avoid hippos and crocodiles. We did paddle past three hippos in the river that greeted us with a mean roar! Behind us on the opposite side of the river were two more hippos standing on the bank. We encountered one set of small rapids. We did come across one crocodile on the bank of the river hidden under a tree!

In the afternoon heat, registered on Ali's purse thermometer as 103 degrees, we toured the Falls. Being the end of the dry season, some of the cascades were absent. We could get an idea do the width. But we could get a good view of the falls and the depth of the gorge as the river was low and the mist was not thick. We saw lots of vibrant rainbows and several double rainbows. Jackie asked our guide if there were always rainbows. His answer was only when the sun is shining!

We thought the best time to visit the Falls is in May or June when you would still be able to experience all of the cascades without the heavy mist.

FALLS COMPARISON: Victoria Falls is the Tallest

Iguassu Falls is the Widest

Niagara Falls has the most Volume

I have been lucky enough to have seen all three and in my opinion Iguassu is the most impressive and my favorite!

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