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Room at Victoria Falls Hotel

Room at Victoria Falls Hotel

Victoria Falls Hotel

We arrived at the airport, asked directions for which terminal to use. Terminal A we are told, but when we get there we find we need to go to Terminal B. Off we go, and this was by no means a short walk. Stand in line, get our boarding passes (where the agent cannot believe we are only checking one small suitcase for four people. Then we have to trudge back to Terminal A to our gate. Our flight left late. But how lucky we're we to get Exit Row seating!

Arrive in Victoria Falls, Jackie and I feel like we are now in Africa! We have to stand in line to pay in cash for our Zimbabwe Visa! Obviously the agents we bring paid by the hour as they we so slow and everything was hand written!

On the drive to our hotel, everything is brown, rivers are dried up as this is the end of the dry season. Verne saw some cows along side the road and asked the driver what they eat. His reply was brown grass. As we head into the hotel we see baboons and monkeys all over the park. First wild life spotting. Since I made it I have to buy the first round of drinks!

We checked into our rooms at the Victoria Falls Hotel a lovely 100+ year old lovely place with mosquito netting on the beds! We decide to meet up in the back terrace area and there is a warthog eating the lawn!

Head down the path to the falls and are guided by a "security guard". On the way we are approached by locals trying to sell woodcarvings. Since we have to pay to get into the park, we head back to the hotel, where the same locals continue to approach us with their carvings. They want to trade for my shoes and Jackie's shirt. They will take lotions and soaps from the hotel! Just crazy! Jackie notices that during all of this Verne has stepped in elephant dodo!

We get back and there re more warthogs and monkeys on the hotel grounds. We seem a guy coming with a rifle. He is on baboon control! Apparently the baboons climb in the hotel windows!

Tomorrow we are riding elephants!

Pictures coming soon!

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