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sorry it is blurry

here we are



Joe checking out the displays


ok while Joe takes the distillery tour, Sham and I hit the...


cabin for rent - anyone?











restored 1960s gas station

I wanted to visit Wartrace, the home of the Tennessee Walking Horse

Walking Horse Hotel, restored and very old

another restored gas station


Strolling Jim plaque, first Tennessee Walking Horse champion

found the battlefield
















Union Soldiers graves

oldest monument erected in behalf of soldiers lost in the Civil War

Union Soldiers



Okay, it is official - we are burnt out on Civil War battlefields, but this one was well done (worth the visit and another stamp in my National Park Passport Book) and was a pivotal battle in the Civil War. Unfortunately this is one of several battlefields that has been encroached upon by modern day society. We were told by a Park Ranger that since it was a Union victory in Confederate territory that perhaps less respect was paid to the battlefield, thus the encroachment of houses and businesses being built right on the battlefield site. The distillery was a nice tour per Joe. Sham and I had a great walk around the town which is less than a block from the distillery. Tomorrow is either the Hermitage or downtown Nashville. Weather turns bad (again) here on Saturday. We leave for Savannah Tennessee on Sunday via the Natchez Trace Parkway.

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