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A view from the Garden Island resort in Taveuni, across to some...

The International Date Line runs straight through the middle of Taveuni! Which...

Beatiful coral formations on the Rainbow Reef

So many fish everywhere!

A crayfish

A pair of colouful butterfly fish

A friendly turtle

Some of the delicate coral that can be seen on this reef

A sea snake, ahhhh..!!!

A lionfish, you can look, but don't touch!

The view across to the other islands that are all part of...

CJ - the final destination for this trip, Taveuni (an island to the north east of Fiji) before heading back to the UK!!

From what I had heard from other travellers, the mainland of Fiji isn't really worth visiting, but if you get a chance to see some of the outer islands then that is a different story. So having done a bit of research on Fiji, and knowing that it was well known for it's diving, I found a beautiful island called Taveuni which is about a 40 min flight (in a tiny 16 seater plane!!) from the mainland. Taveuni is one of only 3 inhabited land masses in the world that the 'International Date Line' falls through, which means that half of the island is on one day, whilst the other half is a day ahead!! But they actually only run with one time zone on the island, as it's such a small island, there is no way you would ever know what day of the week it was otherwise!!!

I wanted to arrange everything before hand from accommodation to diving etc so I found a very nice resort on the island called the 'Garden Island' resort which had its own dive company on site which was ideal - role out of bed, have breakfast and go diving!! Which is pretty much what I did for the last few days of my trip. I had 2 mornings of diving, 2 dives a day, and saw quite a bit of the 'Rainbow Reef'. The diving was very good, and improved with each dive I did, although I must admit, I think I have been very spoilt with what I saw earlier in the year on the outer reefs of the Great Barrier Reef, as nothing has lived up to it since. But you couldn't really complain, visibility was good, well about 10-15m, the coral was very colourful (both soft and hard), and there were plenty of fish about, the odd moray eel, sea snake, turtle and reef shark.

So having had a couple of days diving, and one day in the sun, I packed my bags and checked out and flew back to the mainland. I then spent the next 24hrs getting back to the UK via a change of plane in LA, and returned back to the UK yesterday. All in all it has been a great trip, and it feels good to be back, but only for a short while, as that rucksack will be packed again in 8 weeks when I set off on the next part of my trip - a few months back in Ausralia to work the rest of my working visa out, and then in December I fly to New Zealand to spend some time working and travelling my way around the country, and I can't wait!!

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