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Massochistically early flight from Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh and the champaigne didn't help my tiredness but it's cool to be back in Vietnam after a 10 year plus gap. Still found my way around though, and headed to the Central market where Helen was in heaven, keep the boss happy.

The Vietnamese are still hugly friendly and easy to deal with but the general standard of English is much better than it was in 2001.

Just had a disastarous day today, was supposed to be flying up to Vinh City and back in the day to see a supplier which meant yet another very early up and out. Got to the airport and checked in easily enough and the Vietnam Airlines lounge was decent. Boreded the plane and had a welcome aboard OJ and cold towel then sat and had a snooze waiting to push back. Unfortunately this didn't happen for a while and eventually we were informed that their was a technical problem and we would have to de-plane and wait for a replacement. Eventuaally the delay was so long that the trip to Vinh would have been pointless so we cancelled and headed back to the city.

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