Westward Ho September 2012 travel blog

this morning's departure scene

Is it going to clear up or not??

a flock of geese honked overhead as we parked at the Hopewell...

Mound City Group

Mound City explanation

a mural depicting the Hopewell burial ceremony

some of the beautiful artifacts excavated from the mounds

five of the Hopewell earthworks...notice, ALL have a small circle, a large...

In the town of Chillicothe, many houses display road names (the houses...

crossing the Ohio River, into West-by-God

a quilt barn on Route 35

Where is his head??? No helmet...it's the Michelin Man!!!

the Kanawha River

aww...the truck matches!

the Grandview of the New River Gorge

color is coming on in the mountains of WV

pretty I-64

Greenbrier Valley around Lewisburg, WV

We left Dayton in overcast skies, threatening rain. The further south we traveled, the more it looked like it was going to clear up. We traveled south on Route 35 and enjoyed it, because there wasn't much semi-tractor trailer traffic (at this point).

Reached Chillicothe, Ohio which is set beside the Scioto River in a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains. Went to the Hopewell Culture National Historic Park. They have a wonderful intro movie in the visitor's center, and their small museum has wonder artifacts from the mound excavations. Thoroughly enjoyed our short visit!

Want to learn more about this Native American culture:


We are still amazed that these people DIDN'T live in villages/towns and did all of this mound building with hand tools and bucket-by-bucket...WOW!!!!

Took a short drive through the town of Chillicothe and loved the different architecture throughout the town. The Ohio and Erie Canal was also in town, but didn't get to stop.

Passed the original Bob Evans Farms at Rio Grande, Ohio (didn't stop).

Passed over the Ohio River and into WEST-BY-GOD!!! Oh, it feels soooooo good to be "home". Enjoy the beautiful pictures of the south/southwestern part of out glorious state!

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