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one of the Vettes pre-purchased, Joe talked to the new proud owner

another couple of pre-purchased Vettes

1954 Corvette, read the story below

my favorite classic years

Corvettes named after a ship












Joe checking out the building of one















the frame

Joe could lift up the frame

crash tested









only 1983 Corvette ever made









the museum had a good memorial display from 9/11

part of the 9/11 display

Joe spoke to a lady who had just donated her 1954 Corvette. She owned it when she met her husband, they used it for their dates, they got married in it and he died in it of heat stroke. She just drove it into the showroom and bought a brand new Corvette, C5. Figuring she was around 70+ (?) She was sharp and very nice. Loved telling the story of her car. Joe also spoke to the new owner of the gun metal gray Vette. He bought it for himself as a retirement present, he and his wife were very nice and very excited! We loved the color. This was a neat treat seeing this museum - glad we stopped and checked it out. We both have always loved and wanted a Corvette. What a following they have! Tomorrow unless the weather ties us up, we move to Nashville.

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