Jan/Jeff/Karen/David Redwood Trip 2012 travel blog


Gas is a little less expensive in the interior of CA. Prices are about $3.95 -- this is better than expected. Hwy 20 will take us to Lake Tahoe. Clear Lake is a big lake that has docks high off the banks. The boats are stored high (10 to 15 feet higher than lake level). It took quite a while to circle this lake. It is a large lake, one side of the water we traveled on appeared stagnant. There are grape fields and wineries along the way. Unfortunately, we passed 2 burnt out areas along Hwy 20 and Hwy 53. Both fires looked recent. The second fire is much larger and includes many acres of land. It looked like several houses were saved by putting sand around the structures. The area around the houses were all burned. This portion of Hwy 20 has lots of dried up grasses and the terrain is hilly. The road is curvy and has many trees. It's interesting to note there are not many pastures - perhaps the land is to rocky. We stopped at a Walmart for food only to find out the store had a small food section and no meat area. Luckily there is a Safeway across the road. The temperature is in the 80's - a nice change from the coastal temps. After traveling up, down and around sharp curves, cliffs and valleys the road is actually flat - in a large valley. There are many acres of almond trees - a first for David and Karen to see. It is so nice to be traveling straight for a change from the mountains. We can drive faster and perhaps put the cruise control on. Jan and Jeff have lost a pin that holds the car to the RV. It's a good thing the other pin kept the car in place. They unhooked the car and Jan drove a few miles to a fruit market where David and Karen stopped at. David has extra pins so in a short while we are back on the road. We see many rice fields being harvested in Yakima. It's surprising because we don't see water and thought that rice only grew in the water. The fields look dry (like a wheat field). Also thin poles have been put up in the(hops) fields with shiny (like Reynolds wrap) ribbons. They sparkle in the sun but we're not sure what the purpose is. In some of the small towns on Hwy 20 there are tall pencil-like brushes or trees. They are narrow but can be very tall - up to 30 or so feet. We also see palm trees and a bit of cactus long the road (Coluso). After traveling 50 or 60 miles in this valley we reenter the hills and stop at the fairgrounds in Grass Valley. There is a Celtic Festival going on and we are very lucky to get an RV spot. We need to pay for 2 nights because of the festival. The cost of attending the festival is high ($50 per person or $65 for 2 days). Since we plan to drive to Lake Tahoe tomorrow and its evening already, it just didn't seem worth spending that much money. We can hear the music from our campground. The person at the campground office recommended we eat at Lefty's in Nevada City. The food was delicious. Kobe beef burgers and Karen had a flat bread pizza made with pine nuts. Both Nevada City and Grass Valley have quint older homes -- very picturesque..
Data: 248 miles to Oakhurst Ca.(High Sierra RV)

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