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Missouri Countryside

Beautiful fences along the Missouri highways

Soybean plant

Oklahoma countryside

Grandma Bessie's Postcard Collection

Since I last posted, we have had a busy 2 weeks. From Independence, MO we headed southeast to Sedalia. The countryside is beautiful and very green with some rains they have had this fall but most of the corn crop has been lost and what is there is short. Many farmers have just tilled it under or left it in the fields for now. Much of it has turned black which we have been told is mold and where it has been windy, only the stocks remain. Such a tragedy since much of the area is planted in corn. The soybeans seem to have fared better and are not yet ready for harvest. Arriving in Sedalia, MO we set up for the Escapade Rally with about 600 rigs. It was fun to see people we had met at an Escapees Rally last spring in Lodi, CA as well as met lots of new friends. We spent a week in Sedalia for the rally then headed to Shawnee, Oklahoma for the FMCA Six-State Rally. The drive was gorgeous and not at all what we expected Oklahoma to look like. Much of it is much flatter than Missouri but still very green from the rains this fall and lots of lakes and more water than we expected. We arrived in Shawnee last Sunday for the Rally with 485 rigs and will head for Arkansas tomorrow for our next rally but have 10 days to do a little sightseeing. Just wanted to share a few photos of the gorgeous countryside. The trees have not yet started to turn but it will be very colorful when they do. We got to spend some time with a cousin and his wife who live in Norman, whom we hadn't seen for years so had fun going out to dinner and catching up. Duane also brought over a Postcard Collection Book from my grandmother (who died when my mom was just 5 years old) which is over 100 years old...an amazing gift to share and read notes on the cards dating back to 1908. As you can imagine, Duane and I spent most of one evening reminiscing about the family and sharing stories with each other. Being a genealogy buff, it was a real treat for me and I now have a bunch more leads to check out.

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