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BBQ on the second night on Fraser

Simon, Qwannie and Alex at the second BBQ

We all try and warm up around the fire!

Gareth and Helen get on with the gooner!

More of our Team Korea contingient

Gareth, Paul and another TK

Helen looking a bit gooned...

Helen with our bus the next day

Our truck and tent

In the morning, all the tents are packed and we all head...

The Pinnacles (at Fraser)


Korean boys down at Eli Creek

Eli Creek

Alex Qwannie

Team Korea!

Give me back my bond!!

We head down to Lake Mackensie

Simon at Lake Mackensie

Gareth and Helen at Lake Mackensie

All the gang on Lake Mackensie

Marcel at the Lake

Looking back at the beach

Looking along the beach

Looking along the beach

Lake Mackensie

Looking across to the island

Qwannie and Alex

Gareth and the Korean team!

Waiting for the ferry back to the mainland

Gareth waits for the barge

Gareth and Simon at the Barge port

Helen on the barge - knackered after being on Fraser for 3...

The sun sets on our Fraser Adventure!


Although we've been to these two spots before, they really are so amazing. When we got to Eli Creek (at about 10am) the first thing we noticed was a dingo! These things are generally not seen in the daylight, so it was great to see one. He didn't seem that fussed, wondering off back into the undergrowth. Pictures soon!

The creek is great, you can walk right down it and the water is not cold. The guys in front of us said that they saw an eel heading up, but we missed that :-(

Getting to Lake Mackenzie is a tough experience with a 4X4, but we got there in the end! The lake itself was as beautiful as ever - so we jumped in and made the most of it. We're glad we went back to Fraser - this experience was very different to the last one - and easily as rewarding.

Have fun guys - see you soon!

Lots of love Gareth and Helen x x x

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