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Walking the Hawks Nest Rail Trail


This was in the middle of the trail miles from anywhere


River at the end of the trail with the train going across

Foundations for the old water tank for the train notice the tree...



This lizard was really iny about 1.25 inches

View from the River Gorge Bridge



Longest single span bridge


Wesaw this from the big bridge so drove down to it to...

One if the old boats used on the river.

On the way to Sandstone Falls

Sandstone Falls


Cedar Waxwing

Cedar Waxwing


Not sure what this is but trees full of them on the...



Subwaysget everywhere in the USA this was in the middle of nowhere


The heavens opened!!!!

School buses out here by law you cannot pass them when they...

Monday drove to Ansted about 31 miles where we went to Hawks Nest State Park then hiked the Hawks Nest Rail Trail about 4 miles, saw deer, humming bird, different butterflies and a beautiful view over the river at the end where we watched the trains going across. We met a man at the beginning of the trail looked like another Santa Claus he was telling us that is what he is known as in Ansted, years ago the kids called him that and he said not many people knew his real name, if ever we are passing again just ask for Santa Claus and they will direct us to his house.

Then onto the New River Gorge where we walked down 178 steps then had to walk back again so we could see the bridge we had driven over it but this bridge is 876ft high the Eiffel Tower is 1,063ft, you can even walk along the bridge underneath you have a harness on you which is attached to a wire we both did not fancy this at all. It’s the 3rd highest bridge in the United States, the longest single span bridge in the hemisphere.

Tuesday 25th September- A lot cooler today & stayed overcast all day with torrential rain after 3.30pm although now it is nearly 5pm and has stopped raining. We drove out to Sandstone Falls the water is quite low in the rivers at the moment so the falls were not that spectacular but still lovely to see, we walked the loop trail in the area and came across the Cedar Waxwings there were loads of them eating the berries in the trees. Then onto Pipestem State Park the plan was to hike one of the trails but it was here that the thunder & rain started so came on home.

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