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Santa Claus in Santa Claus Indiana

Santa thought Wal was a party pooper as he would not stand...

Santa Claus Post Office where millions of letters get sent & answered...

Flood defence wall in Tell City

Tell City bit dead

Think somebody nicked this as we are no where near this state

Leaving Louisville

This is his home town- Louisville

Entering our 41st State

State Capitol in Charleston as we were driving through

Male- American Goldfinch

Female American Goldfinch

Saturday we went to Santa Claus in Indiana massive water & fun park there which we did not go to looked around the area & had a chat with Father Christmas.

We drove through other small towns on the way back Tell City for one, bit like a ghost town.

Sunday on the move again drove for 5.5 hours entering West Virginia our 41st State we are now staying in Beckley an old coal mining town in fact we are staying on their campsite bit steep to get to but once we were up the top lovely & peaceful NO TRAINS but a few yappy dogs!!!! The scenery is so different we are now surrounded by forests & hills instead of flat land with corn growing. Lots of places to see here with loads of hiking.

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