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Orthodox School in Beckley

Next door, a Presbyterian Church

The "munster's house"

They painted most of the fire hydrants


Mr. Beckley, hisself


Fountain in park next to the County Courthouse

From the World Trade Center tower


Love this sign.

The Eccles mine explosion


The Raleigh County Courthouse

Soldier's and Sailer's Memorial Building

Mountain State University

Wildwood House, built by Mr. Beckley


Small house in the back

Bride and Groom, don't they look happy?

I have used my limit on data usage for the computer, so I am trying to avoid the overage fees. I am amazed that we use so much data. I think we need to upgrade our limits so this doesn’t happen.

Off to McDonald’s to catch up on e-mail, trip journal and finding a route to get to Nashville, our next stop. We had hoped to leave today, but I am fighting with Group Health to send a fax to Wal-Mart so I can refill 2 prescriptions. I’ve talked to 4 people since Thursday and you would think one of them would have done it, but now we have to wait till tomorrow to try to get it done. We had only intended to stay here 4 days, but as you know, plans can change.

I am learning about the “Southern” way of things here. For one thing, everybody is real friendly and you get called “honey” more than you would think. Sweet tea is the drink of choice and oh, brother, is it ever sweet. Everyone knows their neighbors and just about everything about them and most people just took over their parents’ home when their parent’s passed on. The church is a major influence in their lives, and home ownership is very high in West Virginia. Having a conversation can take forever, as Southern people really like to talk.

Now, Doris Ann is a sweet lady, but I don’t think there has been a lull in the conversation unless we are using the bathroom or sleeping. I have heard so many stories about the Kentucky side of the family that I am losing track over who is who. I have never known that people could talk so much. Tis funny, as I used to think John’s mom is a chatterbox….she doesn’t hold a candle to Doris Ann.

Yesterday we drove into Beckley, the bigger town here next to Daniels. It is a small town however, without too much of the history preserved. I took some photos of the town founder’s home where there was a couple having their wedding pictures taken. They looked so happy. We hope they have a good life together.

Found a house that made me think of the Munster’s. Not in the size, but in the condition. Looks much better in person.

I am not feeling well, having dizzy spells and weakness, so I think we are staying till Wednesday. I probably won’t update too much till I get back on my feet.

Stay healthy everyone!

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