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Sorry about the brief posting this morning we had a short layover in Antofagasta before we got back on a bus to back track a little bit to Calama, Chile on our way to Argentina. So we had a very eventfull night full of strange occurances on our way down the coast. I spent days researching the route to get us through Agrentina into Paraguay but to put it quite simply everyone goes through Bolivia and it is the most direct way but we did not want to pay 300 for a visa just to pass through the country so we opted to blaze a new trail and it has been interesting. We arrived in Calama today which is a dust bowl to put it nicely as it is the edge of the desert of the Atacama which has many touristy spots of some areas that if we had more time we might see but the great Paraguay and my old home for almost five years awaits.

So there we were at the bus station asking which bus would get us to Argentina and we got the same story, not until mid next week so frustrated and tired we walked out in front of the station to think for a minute and figure out a game plan, both of saying "damn stuck in this shit hole for three days". I had remembered reading that there is a bus that drops people off at a tourist destination in the desert on the way to Salta, Argentina but did not see their office at the bus terminal so I started asking around and we found our way to their office. So just our luck the people were not there and they did not open till 6, so stuck in the middle of this strange town with all of our luggage we still have no idea what to do.

We decided to find a hotel and get some food so we walked towards downtown where every hotel we found was booked as we learned this is a minning town and all the miners come in for the weekend for their break. Further discouraged we continued to walk even more tired and frustrated and found a place that we thought we were going to get the same story but the lady said of course we have rooms, we dont house those dirty miners, so 80 US dollars later we checked into a little oasis in the middle of the desert. Beautiful room, free breakfast and a welcome site for sore eyes and bones. We found a place across the street to wash our clothes for the second time in a month so all of the sudden our luck started to change a bit. We got some delicious sandwiches and dropped off our clothes and walked back to our bus stop to find that our luck was continuing and we bought our tickets and came back to the hotel.

So we are looking forward to a relaxing night in a bed and a warm breakfast all of which we have not had for a couple of weeks before we start the next leg of our journey. Argentina and then into Paraguay where I have been able to make contact with all of the people I am looking forward to seeing and introducing Andrea to. This gets more exciting everyday as we are walking further into the unknown blazing our own trail with no real guide other than our love of each other and the adventures we have had. Life is not about the desitination it is about the journey.

PS. Some more picutres of Peru are attached.

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