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Moving right along we have a short stop over in Antofagasta on our way to Calama before we head into Argentina tomorrow morning. The trip was pretty much uneventful except for the couple of times that we got boarded by police to check baggage at 3am and the other time for a bus rider to complain that the driver was going way too fast. The bus driver then had to provide a print out of the registered speed at every km as they are required to do so by law. Then the cop got back on the bus and told the person that there was not one point where the driver exceeded the speed limit so then the passanger tried to complain about pèople not wearing their seat belts and the officer asked if he would like to file a police report to which he replied yes and made the whole entire bus wait for 2ominutes or so while he got rid of his Napoleon complex.

We did have the chance to ride along the Pacific Ocean all the way and it is amazing to think that it is the same ocean that is close to where my grandmother lives and made me feel close to her wondering what she is doing right now. The ocean is so big and cleans all of what happens on the earth, maybe that is why people feel the need to live so close to the ocean. These familiar sights help us both to realize that while we are so far from home we are not far from the ones we love and care about as the ocean connects us all.

Hopefully our next post will be from Argentina, take care all and will post again soon

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