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Train travel in Germany is unreal - getting on the ICE


Breakfast is a big affair in Germany

One for the boys

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The Draisine

We made our way to Kranenburg once we got off the plane at Frankfurt. After a few train changeovers we arrived in Kranenburg at about lunchtime. We were here to visit my cousin from my father's side of the family. Margitta and Dieter and their children Antje, Kai and Lars, who are roughly our age. They also have children of their own. Antje's children - Yasmin and Mirko - are already 19 and 15, whilst Lars has Maurice, who is 7 and little Melissa, only 4 weeks old. I think the t-shirt we bought her is a bit too big! It was great to see them all. And Caitlin got on well with Maurice. They played 2 square in the backyard and also went down to the local park.

We stayed in a b&b which was more like a house. I can't believe how cheap the food and accommodation is here. Caitlin, Darren and I had dinner on the first night which were massive plates of schnitzels with chips and salads as well as beers and it all came to only 30€. Our accommodation was 70€ a night for all three of us, including breakfast (and they do breakfast big here - cold meats, cheeses, eggs, bread rolls, endless tea or coffee).

In Kranenburg there is also a disused railway track and train station which they have converted into a tourist attraction called the Draisine. You can hire little trolley carts and peddle up and down the track. But because it's a single track you can only peddle one direction and do the whole stretch. In one direction you can peddle 5kms and you would be in the Netherlands. The other direction takes you back to Kleve - a larger nearby town and also where Henry VIII's wife, Anne of Kleves, comes from. That's about 10kms away. We never got a chance to go on it as it was completely booked out. Maybe next time!

The weather was glorious and all up we hadafab first stop. No jet lag either which was wierd - a bit tired but not jet lagged.

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