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Hi guys...We are in West Virginia, Daniels to be exact. Visiting John's cousin, Doris Ann and will be here one more day. I had never met her before but heard a lot about her from the family.

She is a very, very sweet lady and had lots of family stories (the family came from Kentucky and West Virginia)...yep, poor folks with wild histories. It has been entertaining to hear about John's family. Some very sad stories, some amazing stories and some funny, as most families have.

We had planned to leave tomorrow, but Doris Ann's husband of 50 years passed away 4 months ago and today was a very bad day for her. It broke my heart and after lots of tears and hugs, we decided that she needed company one more day. John is taking care of her car for her tomorrow and I am going to take her to get her medication and just to help offer our love during this horrible time in her life. John and I just feel she needs to have someone with her, at least another day.

Got the morning paper today and on a lighter, kind of weird and disgusting note. This from the West Virginia Register Herald:

"Sept. 18 - Charlestown, WV. A judge says a West Virginia man will not be held criminally responsible for allegedly stealing, sexually assaulting and killing his neighbor's pygmy goat while high on bath salts. (I am not making this up). Police arrested Mark Thompson after neighbors found him in his room standing next to the dead goat and dressed in women's clothing. He was indicted for animal cruelty and petty larceny."

Okay....now I am not saying anything about West Virginia...but.....

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