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We got up rather early for us, and had a quick breakfast of cereal with fresh local peaches. Then a quick walk around the campground, got our fifth wheel ready to leave, and watched the area disappear in our rear view mirror. Maggie took us on a little side trip. She was probably testing us, but then performed marvelously.

It was not a long ride on highway 99 from Arcada, just south of Trinidad, to Redding on highway 5, but was rather eventful. Towing a fifth wheel along a route marked ‘scenic’ is interesting enough without the long delays for road construction. It seemed the flagmen were in need of something to break up their long day so the conversations with them were fun and interesting. The temperature along the coastline was in the mid fifties when we left and before we got to Redding it was ninety five. I mused giving Ruthie a constant update on the temps – 97, 98, 99, when I reached 102 she told me “shut up”.

The ride was interesting with great views. Mountains with sheer cliffs and white water mountain streams passing below. When I could not look because I was ‘white knuckling’ it around curves, Ruthie would tell me what I was missing and take pictures out the window. I’m sure that someday when I am rocking with a shawl around my shoulders, in a nursing home and someone shows those pictures to me I will wonder why they are showing me pictures of something I have never seen. Highway 5 was a much faster albeit much less scenic route to Orland where we made reservations at the Parkway RV Resort. A nice resort but they tell you about the Good Sam discount being only good for cash or check after you have paid with a credit card. They advertise wifi, but you can only get on line once for free. It was nice to set up the grill and have steaks, baked potato, squash and cucumbers for our dinner. We watched America Has Talent up to the very time they were to announce the winner because we lost TV reception due to the fact that our ‘resort’ doesn’t have cable. We went to bed when we were unable to keep our eyes open any longer.

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