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Legoland with the kids

Yesterday was day 3 in Copenhagen and we went to Ripley's Believe It or Not.  (I really can't believe I let the kids suck me into going!). We also went to the Hans Christian Anderson Museum and got to listen to stories like the Tin Soldier, Little Match Girl and the Ugly Duckling.  We then hired a car and drove across the great belt bridge (at great expense $40 each way) through Odense Veijle and on to Billund, that Millie would like me to just call Legoland.

Legoland was well worth the effort!  It was amazing and we were really impressed with the miniature worlds, especially the automation of the various different harbours and ports etc.  The kids went on as many rides as possible and at every turn there was another quirky Lego delight.  The Danish are very hospitable, but far to reliant on automation!   We couldn't get out of the car park because we had the wrong pass and I scalded my hand on one of their automatic coffee machines, but otherwise it has been beast or boss.   (Stanley tells me this is particularly good in tween talk.)

My tight fistedness continues to be impressive in regard to accommodation.  The kids fell into hysterics when we arrived at our accommodation in Billund.  The catch phrase was "You like camping yah?". 

Anyway, tonight we head back to Roskilde for another night of FDM camping by the sea (at least the cabins are insulated) and it is surprising how hot 4 bodies make a cupboard, I mean cabin.

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