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Our last night

It's was noon on July 29th, 2005 and Michelle and I are packing the car and preparing for the drive to my parents farm in Gadsby Alberta...we are now jobless and homeless...we must be crazy!

We spent two fantastic weeks with my family on the farm. My brother Cody had time off work, my sisters Stacey and Jan were always close by and of course my parents were there for everything we needed! It was a perfect way to say goodbye!

Michelle and I managed to find a gym in Stettler to help burn off the extra calories that go along with being on holidays! To pass the time we did everything from pick weeds in mom's garden to watching my sister Jan barrel race! Michelle couldn't really understand how my brother and I got any enjoyment from attempting to jump a BMX into the dugout or hitting golf balls into the pasture just so we could go find them afterwards!

The weekend before we left for Vancouver, we had a going away BBQ/camp out at my parents house. We all participated in a huge scavenger hunt, feasted on BBQ, kept warm by the fire and enjoyed everyone's company. A special thanks to grandma and grandpa and to all my aunts, uncles and cousins who made the trip out to the farm to see Michelle and I off on our adventure! Thanks to my uncles Grant and Trevor for calling! It was so special for Michelle and I to see and hear from you all before we left!

Our last night at home we enjoyed the company of another family dinner in Stettler...I'm sure the waitress might disagree with how great it was since she was ran off her feet serving close to 25 people! Thanks again to everyone who made it out to say goodbye!

Saying good bye to my parents, Stacey, Cody and Jan was very difficult...especially since I had to say goodbye to them all at different times....I really would have preferred one emotional group goodbye rather than the four separate opportunities for me to cry like a little girl!

We left the farm early on August 12, a camp over in Kamloops, Jack Johnson in Vancouver, and Michelle's family on the Vancouver Island are only hours away!


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