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James & Christina exchange vows, lead by Dr. Scott B. Photo by...

Photo by Kitty.

The beautiful bride. Photo by Kitty.

James & Christina. Photo by Kitty.

Proud as they can be about Christina. Photo by Kitty.

Christopher, James, Christina and Julie. Photo by Kitty.

Photo by Kitty.

James signs the wedding license as his mother, Bonnie, looks on. Photo...

Now it's Christina's turn. Photo by Mary Anne.

Then it's Bonnie's signature on the license.

And the proud and happy mom, Mary Anne signs.

"Yes, it's done!"

Dr. Scott B., the officiant, uses his iPhone to take a picture...

The wedding of James and Christina was an incredible event. You take two highly creative people, family, and lots of friends and you end up with an extravaganza.

During the week before the wedding, a lot of family and friends helped get their place ready. A couple of days before the wedding, a company from the Catskills set-up a large tent. After the tent was up, James and his crew did all the lighting and sound. There were lights in all the trees and on the chandeliers and in the tent. There were about 35 of us who worked to get the projects done. In the end, the place looked fantastic. James and Christina’s place is about twenty-seven acres of beautiful woods. Their house, the barn, the offices, a cottage, and other buildings are on an approximately three acre flat area with a creek running alongside.

The whole event was whimsical and yet solemn. James and Christina’s creativity was readily apparent during the wedding ceremony. The ceremony was performed by a high-school friend of theirs.

After the ceremony, one of my favorite parts was the wedding procession. A band playing New Orleans jazz music led the procession around the area, and past James and Christina as a kind of moving receiving line. It was a lot of fun.

At the wedding ceremony we all were given a coin from James and Christina’s travels. After the ceremony we each then tossed our coins into their frog pond for good-luck.

Each guest also planted a tulip in their "wedding garden", a promise for a beautiful spring.

Also, we were invited to write a message to James and Christina on a river rock and put the rock(s) into the gabion bench down by the creek. They'll read the rock-messages on their first wedding anniversary. Look at pictures in "Central New York" journal for what the gabion bench looks like.

After that were the various games and activities people engaged in until the appetizers, cocktails, dinner, toast, cake cutting, and dancing. It was just a marvel, and James and Christina planned it all. Amazing.

By Mary Anne

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