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Wow! I haven't posted since September! How sad is that. Driving my life away for sure. Let's see.....the name of this post was regarding........oh yes! Los Angeles! I don't know if its because the map of the area reminds me of a stomach, or that, as your entering the surrounds of the city, you descend from the mountains like you're sliding down a throat into its dire depths. Either way it's a nauseating feeling that lingers until you are safely back in Arizona.

The fact I know the multiple highways of this area better than my own state of Maine is a bit disheartening. We have been here a few times recently and, as I'm sure I've mentioned before, the traffic is horrendous. We had a produce pick up in the HEART of L.A., the old produce market area to be exact. When we managed to get to our destination, at rush hour, without getting hit or hitting anyone/thing on the ridiculously narrow streets, we found the place deserted. I called the business, only to find that "Oh, we moved from that location a few weeks ago." I seriously wanted to hurt a member of the sales department of our company; they are in charge of setting up directions on the computer. The shipper gave me very detailed direction on how to get from the old location to the new one which was only a few miles away, but in an easier to get to area. This scenario only furthered my resolve to call places ahead of time for directions whenever I get a funny feeling about a place.

It's been business as usual most of the busy fall. Some notable things that happened on the road: 1) Saw a cattle truck flipped over from Nevada was loaded with critters that they were moving into temporary fences. That was a first. It has been very, dangerously windy this year! A lot of overturned trucks and trailers. 2) Jim was threatened by a black guy in a truck parking lot while he was offering his assistance to another Prime driver who had just been backed into. Now, if you've ever met my 6'2" husband, the last thing you would imagine someone doing was threatening to punch him out! The last person who tried that ended up in the hospital. 3)Saw some gorgeous fall colors as we drove across West Virginia mountains during peak season! Just beautiful! The nice thing is we also saw them in Northern Maine, Pennsylvania and Virginia! 4)Had our first encounter with snow early in November in the Sierra Nevada's. We delivered that morning in Reno and watched the storm as it hit the mountains. Everyone was buying chains as they were required to cross into California. Amazingly, our next pickup was in Arizona! So we went the one directions that didn't require chains..........straight down! I was soooo happy!!!!! 5)The truck has turned 800,000 miles and going strong. How long we will continue changes constantly. This is what I love to do and would continue till retirement. Jim not so much. 6)We were home for the Common Ground Fair, which wets our appetite to start a farm every time. But the confusion comes when we try to decide how to juggle trucking and wintering in Florida with raising pigs, goats and chickens. Still working on that one too.

Not much has changed. Now it's almost Christmas and we are getting ready to our highly anticipated sabbatical for three months in Florida. Where has the year gone! We were happy to visit our son and his wife for Thanksgiving in Kansas. Jim contracted the flu right before arriving which almost became a game changer. They graciously opened the spare bed for him to recover. He didn't get much of Bethany's delicious Thanksgiving meal but was glad for a comfortable and warm place to recover. Thankfully, no one else got ill, but we quickly returned to the camper, which had already been set up in Florida, while Jim recovered from Bronchitis! Hope that all with illness for a while!! I'm thankful for a very strong immune system. But it's hard seeing your spouse SO sick. He lost about 15 pounds and is still weak but getting better everyday. Right now we are in North Carolina waiting for our next load. We just delivered OJ from Florida and are working till Christmas. The weather is looking to be quite cold in most of the country, and our winter coats are in Maine. That wasn't planned very well. "I thought you packed them in the camper!"

The winds of change are in the air, political, social and personal. Who knows what it will bring. But I know who holds the future and my faith and peace is in Him.

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