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Our 1st Campsite, Milton, WV

You go, Jen!

Hillbilly Hot Dogs

Another Shot

The Front Door

Our Lunch Room

More Along the Front


And Still More!


Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

Gotta Love It!

Come On - It's a 2-Seater!

Shack Out Back

We made it to our summer home at the Huntington KOA in Milton, WV, and have settled in nicely. We were in a nice back-in site next to the other workampers, Jake and Jen. They like to work on “projects” together, and they built this motorized cooler from an old electric wheelchair! Both Jake and Jen are quite tall people and it was sure funny to see them ride around on their cooler!

About a month after we arrived, Jake and Jen just up and left for a job elsewhere! No notice, nothing. So our learning curve ramped up as we took on more duties. We also moved over to their old site – it has a nice, long concrete patio - and we only have neighbors on one side.

Anybody watch Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives with Guy Fieri on HGTV? We do and when we're near a place he has featured on his show, we just have to check it out. And so it is with Hillbilly Hot Dogs in Lesage, WV, about 12 miles from the campground. The place is just a hoot and the food is darn good, too. It started with just a tiny shack, then the school buses were added...yep, there are two of 'em. Some of the seats have been removed and tables added so you can eat inside. Everywhere you look you'll see signatures on the walls from all the visitors. And once you have a full tummy, it's really fun to walk around and see all the “donations” from customers that Sonny and Sharie (owners) have added to the outside “day-cor.” It's a great place to take visitors! Sonny and Sharie are there most days, too. We talked to Sonny one day about the KOA and each place promoting the other, so he made a trip to the KOA to talk to the owner. They worked a deal so each place works at promoting the other. We've sent a lot of our guests to Hillbilly Hot Dogs, and everyone comes back with a funny story to tell. Enjoy!


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