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It’s always nice to have company, especially when it’s family. My nephew, Dan, arrived with his wife, Cathy, and his Dad yesterday. They were a little “butt-weary” after riding their motorcycles from Maryland and spending the last three days in the saddle, so today we took the car and drove to Peggy’s Cove.

Unlike my prior visit, the village was jam-packed with people today. Several tour buses had arrived before us and the rocks surrounding the lighthouse were swarming with people from around the globe. Unfortunately, it was not possible to get close to the lighthouse since it was in the midst of a makeover, but everyone had a good time climbing around on the rocks and enjoying the beautiful ocean views. I found a warm, sunny rock and relaxed while listening to a young man playing his bagpipes nearby. We browsed a few shops on the wharf and enjoyed ice cream cones before leaving.

After a quick trip up the road to the Swiss Air Memorial we headed into Halifax to the Harley dealership for souvenirs. From there we went into town and walked along the wharf among the various shops and sailing ships. We also saw several starfish clinging to the pillars of the docks and nestled in the rocks in a tidal pool. Following the recommendation of the cashier at the Harley place, we had dinner in one of the local restaurants before returning home.

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