Bob & Bill's 2012 Camping Trip travel blog

223; Nevada landscape

224; Train beside Interstate 80

225; Old Glory is seen frequently

226; Train bridge

227; Train tunnel entry

228; I-80 Car Tunnel

229; tunnel exit

230; freight Train near Elko, Nevada

231; Oil Cars

232; Same as 231

233; more trains

235; train depot ?

236; What you see for miles in the Nevada desert

237; Mooooooo..... (Cows)

238; Rye Patch Reservoir Nevada

239; We call this "progress"

240; Nevada Penitentiary

241; Fill up Station in Lovelock (LL), Nevada

242; Lovelock "Kids"

243; LL Train Depot

244; Story of Love Locks

245; Locks left by Newly Weds

246: ALL the love locks

247; Lovelace Courthouse

248; Beautiful Courtroom Portrait painted by an inmate

249; Guide points ouit dome above the country's only operating circular courtroom

250; Look above to paintings & dome ceiling mural

251; Look across courtroom

252; View from Judge's chair

253; State Seal

254; Alternate side view

255; Nations only courtroom where jury sits front and center

256; above the Judge's bench

257; Painting of Lovelace Courthouse

258; Doors to the courtroom

259; abanconed building off US 395 in California

Scenes off 395

Day 18, Tuesday 9/3. We get up around 8:30. We don't have the bathroom code at campground so we head to the Cactus Pete's casino. We decide to eat breakfast at the Dessert Grill. Bob has an egg breakfast combo and Bill has pancakes. Food and service are great. We tear down the camper and hit the road by 11:30 We head South on US 93. We get on Interstate 80 West and head towards Reno, Nevada. The terrain is dessert like and many stretches of highway look like images #236 and #237. We at least have an occasional train and some tunnels and bridges to see. The highlight of the 10 hour drive this day is our stop at Lovelock, Nevada. We first fill up at a gas station and image #241 is what is out front of it. Bob then sees the kids in image #242 and can't resist asking them for a picture. They were happy to oblige. We photograph the nice Lovelock depot (image #243). We then hit a nice antique store and Bob gets a good deal on 2 NFL collector mugs and 2 Coors Golden, Colorado nature mugs (we were in Golden earlier on this trip). We are told that we MUST visit the Lovelock courthouse so we head a few blocks to it. We learn about the tradition of many newlyweds that visit Lovelock. (Image #244) They place a lock on a hanging chain (images #245 and #246) and then they throw away the key (a love lock). The locks from the many couples that have done this remain on display at the courthouse green. The courthouse itself is amazing. It is round (typical of many capitol buildings) as seen in image #247. It is the only such operating courthouse in the nation according to our guide (image #249). She tells us that the beautiful mural in image #248 was painted by an inmate that was brought over to the courthouse. Images #250 thru #256 depict the courtroom, including the juror's section which is oddly located front and center (image #255). We finally photograph the painting that is hanging downstairs in the city council meeting room and then the doors as we exit (#257 and #258) We get 32oz milkshakes across the street and then hit the road again. We pass thru Reno about 6:30pm and later enter California on US 395 after passing the mandatory agriculture inspection. We take 36 West stopping for gas near Susanville at 6PM, and then follow 36/89 and then north on 89 into the Lassen Volcanic National Park entrance. We drive the winding park road in the dark and enter the South Summit Lake campground around 9:30PM. We pick out a great site on Loop D and set up in the dark. We each have an assortment of local brews (including the KnutCase wheat beer we bought in Idaho) and a few snacks. We sit outside (it is cold) and watch a very bright moon rise across the clear sky. We are happy that the very recent fires in this park are 100% contained and there is no smoke at all at our campground. We turn in around 11:30.

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