Lindsays not wanting to work 2012 travel blog

part of nehtol plant

big man truck

100 ft. long box 2 cranes in use



trying to fit it on truck with dolly trainler


after 2hrs.din't work out left sitting on dock

wind turbind wings

trucks used on docks

office girl on bike



22 of these parts are to come of


always heaps of people


girl in nice dress


bike for boof

very big truck on the move at mid night





picking up box left earier in day to move it out of...







140 ft boiller,1330 tons being unloaded

notist the weels or steer








many hands make light work






only 74 wheels

Well after 36 hours out of Shanghai heading for Zinging which is the main port for Beijing we ran into very heavy fog and they closed the port with us only 20 k's away for the next 4 days we waited and waited. The highlight of the wait was the very,very large Jelly fish i swear that they where 4 ft across and their was 100's of then at 10p.m on the4Th. night we where allowed to entry the port and to dock. In the morning was every real mans dream toy a bloody great big man truck with a 150 ft. trailer with 244 wheels on it like the faithful old dog i an i waited 16 hrs. to see it in action,well,well worth the long wait and then get up4 hours later see see it again getting its big load every boys dream. On this boat was a complete methanol plant going over land for about 2000 K's to Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia, i think that half the population of Ulaanbaatar was here to watch it come of their was 87 large trucks to cart it away puss the big daddy of then all. To steer the rear wheels of the trailer 2 men walk behind it and use hydraulic arms to steer it on the dock they could make it turn quike well best of luck walking to Ulaanbaatar. The port in Zinging is only about a 3rd.of the size of Shanghai but still more bigger than all of the ports in New Zealand this one you where very mush in the middle of work in the main storage area but once again well out side of the cities, in n.z most of the cities grew up around the ports but the cities come first and the ports in more reason times.The man power that is in use reminds you of n.z in the fifty's their is groups that sweep up the dock areas straight into the sea. the best was the rubbish boat that comes around the ships to get their on board rubbish the crew man was drinking a can of coco cola and thearth the empty can in the sea as he was loading our rubbish in to is hole.are well we are in China.

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