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I have put Melbourne on this post so that it registers on our map, but we are still in Bendigo. We will leave tomorrow morning and head to Broadford and then to the ferry on Saturday.

Good shopping was done the other day - I had a lovely time browsing around a brilliant toy shop. Barry enjoyed a tram ride around the city. We had dinner at the Shamrock Hotel - as soon as we walk in the door the barman starts to pour a Guinness for Barry, so I guess we could call it our local lol!

Yesterday we went to Daylesford for the day and spent ages at the Mill Market and picked up some interesting things for the shop. Was a foul day - cold, very windy and wet, but picked up later in the afternoon. Ended up having chinese for dinner, which was lovely and only $18 each - bargain.

Yesterday morning we moved the 'van down and in between two huge sheds for protection from the predicted winds. We were thankful that we had when sitting in here last night listening to the wind howling and feeling the 'van moving around - goodness only knows what it would have been like if we were still up on the hill with no protection.

Today we went back to the Bendigo Pottery and then in to town to pick up some things. We wandered around and then went back to Jayco to see if we could get some parts for a plan we have, but no luck there except for the suggestion of going to Bunnings.

We are back at the 'van now with pork roasting in the oven and just chilling. We are trying so hard not to get impatient about wanting to get going, but beginning to get quite restless.

Hopefully we will not have too bumpy a crossing on Saturday night with the winds, but if we do I have a back up in my bag.

Be back soon,

Over and out,

M & B xx

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