Donal, Becs, Niall and jimmy Cover Central America! 2012 travel blog

Lobster burger!

Cabin on the beach

Fresh crab claws!

The aftermath!

First reaction of crossing the boarder into Belize was oh thank god! After struggling with Spanish and scam artists for the last four countries was a bit intense! Belize was a totally different story! Everyone was beyond laid back even starting with the boarder guards who could even take a bit of a joke! 

We landed in Port George or Gordon, can't really remember as all the locals were even too chilled to say the full name and just referred to it as PG! The guard on the gate had a chat with us and (for once!) told us the cheaper and nicer route to go via mango grove in the water taxi and see it that way as opposed to doing a tour for 3 times the price on our way to placencia! Sound man! 

We had enough time to get sorted with food but just as we were about to leave we realised as we were getting on the bus this was the home town of fair trade chocolate and we missed out on the factory and free samples. :-( but anyway to give you further idea of how easy this country is before we got the bus becs ran down to we're a few were standing to see if it was the right one, turns out it was and she asked could he wait for the rest of us, "I'll do you one better gurl we go pick them up!" which he drove down the street and did!! 

Mango grove was nice enough to drive through but was similar enough to Florida Everglades, what was fairly breath taking was the lagoon area of placencia itself with yachts moored to houses etc. we were kind of worried it was out of our price range! 

After a lot knocking on doors we finally found ourselves a lovely cabana right in the beach for 10usd a head! As it turned out though it was a very sleepy town with next to nothing going on save for cheap bowls of  crab claws for next to nothing and lobster burgers during the day! So a nice relaxing two days were spent there and it was time to move on early the next morning this time through Belize city and onto caye caulker my most awaited part of the holiday!!! 

The bus on to Belize city was a piece of work in itself though. It was a regular chicken bus nothing we weren't used to, but this time we must have had the most heartbroken bus driver in all if central America!!! The poor chap was blasting out love ballads, reggae heart break songs and everything inbetween all the while mouthing all the words to himself that we could see in the rear view mirror!! 

So we left him behind restraining ourselves from giving him a big hug and set out for the boat to caye caulker after another bus to Belize city from independance or free town but something along those lines!

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