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We are loving Bendigo and the weather has been turned on for us (well so far!) and is sunny and warm.

We didn't go to any garage sales on Saturday as we could not find them - only had street names and no suburbs, so even the tomtom could not help us. That's ok as we found a street of antique shops and went browsing instead. We then went out to the Bendigo Pottery and found an antique centre there so that kept us busy for ages. No pottery bought this time, but we haven't left Bendigo yet so that may change!

Sunday was market day and it was massive. We could see it from the 'van and had no idea until we went outside how big it was. We got some good stuff for the shop so that was good. Handing camping in the showgrounds as we went back to the 'van for a rest and then tackled the market for a second time. The rest of the day was spent sitting outside reading, doing crosswords and Barry cleaning is new stock.

Yesterday we were up, 'van packed up and disconnected from everything and on the road by 9! Not far to the repairers and the guy there had a much needed new element and fitted it while be browsed through the new caravans for sale. No trade in as we still think our 'van is the best lol! We then came back here to the showgrounds, reconnected everything and went in to town. Found a wonderful second hand bookshop, which is really old fashioned and found a couple of good books. We walked through the park and may have a picnic there today.

We went to the Cathedral to have a sticky beak - it is a lovely building and interestingly not very old - it looks older than it is.

Went to the Shamrock Hotel for a drink and then back home about 6.30 - was very tired last night. Today the plan is for me to go shopping and Barry do his own thing - I think. Found a shop that has some great Christmas ideas for the babies, so will be in there for a while! There is a massive Babushka doll there, but she costs $1200 - needless to say I came away with a small one for my collection! Should have bought the big one we saw in Melbourne a few years ago when she 'only' cost $500!

We are going out for dinner tonight - still have some 'pig' money left (from the piggy bank) - looking forward to that.

Ok time to hit the shower and have some breakfast - mmmmmmm yummy sourdough toast :)

Over and out,

M & B xx

PS 5 sleeps!

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