Donal, Becs, Niall and jimmy Cover Central America! 2012 travel blog

The view from our deck!


We were up early to get the hell out of dodge and at the boat by 7:30am under the direction of our taxi man from the night before who picked us up again, this chap was an absolute character! Small middle aged black man with barely no English save for, "when I see the white faces at the bus stop last night I go yiiippppeeee!". We also got treated to his favourite old American country music with him yipe'ing along and taking a real shine to Niall! This was all well and good but it was a pity we only found out the boat left at 9:30am as he drove away! 

Niall didn't fair too well on the boat across but we finally made it to utila! As soon as we got off we were mobbed by reps from all the different dive companies! We eventually went with parrot and a small Spanish bloke showed us around the shop, talked through all the prices and let us view the accommodation which was free with diving and basic but liveable! Being the coy Irish that we are we went for a shop around after I suggested we check out bay island dive centre... This was a beautiful big three story blue wood building. The really nice staff showed us all those impeccable equipment and facilities and eventually the huge two room private apartments with full kitchens and balconies! We tried to keep our jaws from dropping as we negotiated a price that was already cheaper than everywhere else! We were sold! (bit awkward picking up our bags and walking out of parrot though!) 

In the end I opted for four dives after I had to pay for another scuba tune up (6months since my last dive!), Niall went for the scuba diver course, James went for open water and Becs got to avail of the free accom and sunbath all day! 

The diving turned out to be pretty good as we hunted for the non native lion fish and check out the coral... Egypt still wins hands down for the colours, quantity and variety of fish and coral though! 

The nightlife turned out to be great here as there were tons of backpackers all around our age and the dive festival was kicking off the weekend we were there! What was even more fun was watching the new dive master initiations as the had to drink all sorts of combinations of beer, milk, eggs, hot sauce etc thru the snorkel that they were wearing! Before the initiations though we were invited to join the rest of the instructors in a pot luck... So off we went being told that we should be there by 7:30but nothing usual happens til 9ish anyway. We went about making our potatoe salad (easy and cheap was the deciding factor!) and chilled in our appartment til 9, typical irish style not wanting to be the first ones there! Turns out though it was an american 7:30 which meant 7:30 so they were all finished their food and half cut by the time we strolled in! Either way we were happy enough to attack the left overs in the fridge and eat our potatoe salad in the corner before joining the rest of them! The karaoke night after was also a bit of Craic for Niall and jimmy but there was a bit too many golden oldies for myself and becs taste/vintage!

The lads passed their courses and I was finished with diving so it was time to move onto Belize, beaches and lobster!!!

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